Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hang him in the Tate

A few weeks ago I was skimming through one of the Sunday Times magazines and I came across an article about Bryan Ferry. Now I never actually read the article (probably should have) but I read the introduction to it and a piece of it stuck with me... It read that it was once said that he was so stylish he should be hung in the Tate.

Now me being not only slightly fashion obsessed but also being an art lover thought this was the best compliment I had ever heard... Wish it was said about me that's for sure! So I asked my mum about his music and his fashion and she told me that he was such a sharp dresser and always wore suits and shirts and had his hair combed back. He was the epitome of cool...

So I looked him up on the auld internet and he truly was a sharp dresser. He does look cool (I think anyway), he looks like someone you want to get to know but wonder if you should... I like his style... a lot!


  1. Failing hanging him in the Tate you could always hang him in my wardrobe... Love him and love Roxy Music... Swoon.
    Great post Ro! Xx

  2. love Bryan Ferry - how lusty was he like? these pics of him are fab. have most of his songs on my ipod. Adore 'slave to love'. .x.

  3. eh..swoon! my taste in men is either older and seriously and bearded..
    bryan ferry is definitely seriously dapper

  4. we are OBSESSED with brian ferry... he is so deadly , saw him @ EP this year, what a man!!! good call ;)