Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its all pants...

Now I do consider myself a fully paid up member of the skirts and dresses club, but I do like a good pair of trousers (and leggings) and I am currently lusting after these three pairs. I love each pair equally and would be more than happy to have any of them on me.

The first pair are these paneled treggings from River Island and they were the first pair that I noticed. The are made of a stiff enough material so I would love to wear them as proper trousers (I think I do that with most of my leggings now). When I first saw them I thought a crisp white shirt, a boyfriend blazer and stilettos. Kind of like a sexy suit.

The second pair are these gorgeous wide leg trousers from Topshop. I think they look so unique and stylish. They have an old world charm to them and would look beautiful with a silk fitted blouse and a fascinator/beret and dark coloured lipstick. Very Dita!

The last pair I actually tried on last week and even though they were a wee bit tight I still loved them! Rolled to the ankle and paired with a tux jacket, stilettos and blinging earrings! Oh I want!  They are from Oasis...

I am in a trouser loving mood at the mo, I only really have one pair. Must get more!


  1. second pair - very dita indeed. like them a lot, but not sure i'd be able to pull them off...i'm sure i could get a cigarette holder to accessorise though...

  2. Love the second pair!