Saturday, October 30, 2010

Looking Well...

Last Sunday was my friends 21st birthday. Above is the birthday girl in question. Tracey is a dear friend and an avid follower of this blog (which is so sweet of her). She had a little house party and then we all scampered off into town for a good knees up!

Anyway, the reason she is on the blog is because of this wonder of a dress wrapped around her! Isn't it just stunning!? I am so jealous she has it and that it would never look as good on me as it does on this young lady... grrrr

And that bag! Well of course it was amazing because I bought it for her (he he). I was worried the knuckle duster clutch would be too mad an item but thankfully she loved it as did her mother and everyone else at the party! I kept spotting it being passed around.

Tracey's outfit
Dress: Warehouse
Heels: TK Maxx
Clutch: River Island

Now an outfit post would not be complete without me posing my bottom off! In the bathroom of the pub I'll have you know...

My aim was "New York effortless cool" and I think I pulled it off (hopefully)! I dared to wear leather leggings as trousers and I'm so glad I did. I know I have worn them loads but never with anything as short or tight! I read somewhere that "leather trousers were not for the faint hearted or thick thighed" and that made me more determined to wear them... 

My Oufit
Top: Wallis
Leather look leggings/ Bag: Penneys
Heels: Irregular Choice
Belt: River Island

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