Monday, January 3, 2011

Sure it's all pants...


Marc Jacobs

So I was skimming through some of the spring 2010 ready-to-wear collections yesterday and I felt very uninspired. A lot of it was just a tad bland or a tad nasty... 

But, there was one trend slipping through some of the collections I did like... liked a lot actually. It was in fact the high waisted, wide leg trousers. I love a good pair of trousers but believe it or not I only own one pair (shock horror I know). I really hope this trend trickles down onto the high street. I've already seen flowery ones in Awear that I want! Unfortunately they don't seem to be selling them... yet.

The YSL look is very sleek, sexy and sophisticated... Possibly for a night out or even for the office (with a gorgeous fitted blazer). And the Marc Jacobs really interests because they are nice and colourful. Now I tend to have a more muted coloured wardrobe but I would gladly team any of those trousers with some greay/cream/black/whatever I can find or perhaps I could just start to like wearing loads of colour! Plus they remind me of the movie Evil under the Sun, but that could just be the big hats.

Have you found a trend you feel you will making your own this spring?


  1. you cant beat a good pair of versatile

  2. still waiting for q post on your fabulous wolford tights ro