Thursday, December 22, 2011

chiffon cake...

So yesterday was my fella's birthday... So as tradition, I went out with his family for a massive meal. I figured a meal with his family would be the perfect time to wear my new top. I bought it on Ebay from China. Tis a lovely top but it was being sold as a dress. I foolishly only looked at how it looked on the model and didn't read all of the measurements... silly me, that model must have been TEENY! Oh well, I still think it makes a lovely top, especially for those nights when you want to make a little bit of effort without looking too done up.

I was originally going to wear all black with this outfit but then I thought it could handle some happiness, some colour, some festiveness... So I wore red! These are the cutest shoes I own and are sadly getting horribly scuffed at the back so I keep putting lashings on clear nail polish on them. And then we come to the bag, which I thought finished off this outfit very well. I wanted to feel cute last night and what says cute more than a big heart-shaped handbag? Answers on a postcard...

Top: Ebay
Treggings: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Gift/Penneys
Belt: Dunnes
Bag: Gift/UO


  1. The bag is GORGEOUS! So cute..

    And you make the bag look even cuter :)

  2. Aw you have me blushing Lucy! I do love that bag... one of my favourites!