Friday, December 30, 2011


Told you I would post the shorts better. The post earlier does not do justice to these shorts... I am not usually a shorts person, mainly because the dig into my thighs when I sit down, so I always kind of steered clear of them. But that was until my parents gave me these for Christmas. They are very loose around the leg which makes the extremely comfortable and they have little quirks (such as the scalloped edge and gold buttons down the side) that make them quite chic in my opinion. It is safe to say I am in love, I have worn these babies four days out of five this week, which is very unlike me. The only reason I didn't wear them yesterday is because my sister asked was I actually going to wear something else, the woman had to pleased...

Also I wanted to show you my new necklace in more detail... I think it is simply stunning. It's like having a perfect piece of ice around my neck. The Swarovski crystal is called the Aurora Borealis (what a name?!) and the chain is made of oxidized silver. It picks up so many colours depending on the light and what you are wearing. I saw it, fell in love and my boyfriend gladly bought it for me. I am very lucky indeed. He thought it was quite fancy and suspected I would only wear it out. I proved him wrong...

Top/Tights: Penneys
Cardigan: Awear
Shorts: Monsoon/Fusion
Loafers: Clarks
Necklace: Etsy

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