Tuesday, May 29, 2012

back to the start...

As you may have already known I finished college last week. Not just for the summer but for good. I'll miss it and my awesome classmates but I am so excited about what comes next. One of my friends said she was nervous because it was the first time in her life when nothing was decided. This, of course, scares me too but I am so happy to have this chance. I am positive about my future, I am fully aware it is gonna be difficult and terrifying at times but that's living right? 

I have both long term and short term goals...

long term

Get a job
Get an apartment
Make FELT an actual magazine (should I bother?)

short term
Dress cooler (Sex and the City always does this to me!)
Do something with my hair
Put more time into my blog
Keep up the running

I am aware these may not be big deal goals to some people but they are to me... Any other just finished people out there with the same big butterflies in their stomach?

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  1. I kinda wish I was back at that spot myself... feeling old ;)