Sunday, June 10, 2012

dip dye...

So I've be plaguing myself with the question of whether to dip dye my hair with some proper candy colour (preferably blue/green). On one hand I'm thinking sure feck it why not!? I'm young, it's only the bottom of my hair and I am dying to try something with my hair (you must understand I've had relatively the same hair since I was twelve. Ten years is a long time to have the same haircut). But on the other hand I keep thinking how it will look if I go in for interviews with some turquoise tips. I know I am a graphic designer and that is a slightly more free thinking job than most but I still don't know how prospective employers will think of it...

If people have thoughts on this I will gladly take them on board. I genuinely don't know what to do. Listen to my head or follow my heart?

Images via google and pinterest/ collage and type my own work


  1. I'd go for it! Sure for interviews you can tie your hair back so it's not as noticeable. If you are on the fence about it try doing this: you can test out what the colour would look like without the commitment ;) of course it's not going to come out as strong as the dip dye but you'd get an idea.
    Good Luck :) x

  2. I would go for it! I had my blonde hair dip dyed with a pretty intense red and for work I just twisted around in little bun, you couldn't see any of it! I definitely ant to dip dye again, that candy coloured blue looks amazing!

  3. Follow your heart :) As a graphic designer it'll definitely be more accepted for work plus as long as you don't team it with a studded leather jacket and some tie dye leggings to a job interview then it shouldn't look too wild!
    Easy to dye back over too if it's just your ends

  4. ok so I know I will sound boring but I say be careful... I've been employing people before and it is not a creative environment and I'm all in for individual look etc but it's a job and people judge (even if they don't want to) and it's not like you can't wait few weeks and dye them after you got it! right?
    just my thoughts :)