Tuesday, August 14, 2012

preppy summer...

The work I am doing at my internship requires a certain level of comfort. There is a lot of standing and bending and leaning and walking around (and some sitting but that's not the issue). So for the past few weeks I have not been dressing in the most exciting of ways... My inspiration has been low key, comfortable, simple and cooling (my office is so hot). And my heel heights have certainly decreased (but I make up for that on the weekends). And with the weather being so unpredictable it sometimes feels like I'm playing a never ending game of fashion roulette! Luckily I don't think I'm losing, it's definitely a draw at the very least. 

The past couple of days jeans and a cute top have been the order of the day. Yesterday was my lumberjack shirt and converse and today I am coming over all preppy and donned some stripes to match my satchel (without really meaning to – I just got a little lucky). I wore an outfit very similar to this in the winter months. Same top, same jeans, same ring... Just a different (more summer friendly) pair of shoes. It's nice to know that there are items like these that can be worn no matter what the season.

Top: Dunnes
Jenas: New Look
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Satchel: The Cambridge Satchel Company
Scarf: Shutterbug/Folkster
Ring: Lulu's Vintage Closet


  1. these are definitely the items that are best in Ireland :) always suitable (summer in the morning and winter in the night..). Love your satchel, I still haven't got one of those as I can't pick just 1 colour! :)

  2. Thanks it was a gift from my mother. You're right we need pieces that can interchange through the seasons... sometimes it happens in a day!