Friday, November 1, 2013

warm fingers...

Ok my first proper post in awhile... Forgive me, I need to get back into the swing of things. Well my camera is on the fritz so the next few posts will be items like this and probably so dodgy iPhone snaps. Enjoy!

Anyway, getting into the car the past few days my poor hands have been subjected to frozen steering wheels and icy breezes. I know it's the first of November now so I should be expecting that but the truth is that I haven't thought to buy gloves yet. (I need to rectify that this weekend on my Saturday ramble with my ma.) I did a little online browsing to find some inspiration and I feel I've found a pair for the three sides of my style... Well the three sides that I'm aware of anyway.

Little Princess: A side I don't show a whole lot of but she comes out in my accessories and in my love of sparkles and bows. This pair are from the Etsy shop Gertie Baxter and come in a few colours but I'm of the opinion if you're gonna go girly you need to go the whole hog. If I had these I would be pairing them with a navy full skirted coat, a fur collar and nude fishnets.

Mature Elegance: I swear I'm elegant (SERIOUSLY!). Well even if I have the grace of a baby elephant I still want to look sleek. These gloves are from Echo at Modcloth. What I love about them is the rich teal colour and then the subtle trim. Adding a bit of spice without looking over the top. I'd pair these with a fur swing coat, emerald earrings and black stilettos.

Chic Wanderer: This is me most of the time, messy and slightly confused but still tries to make the effort. I think it works! Well the perfect pair of gloves for this side of me is a pair of mittens from Bonzie. Snuggly and covered in the prettiest bits the world has to offer! Would look amazing with an oversized coat and some leather ankle boots.

So there you have it! I'll probably end up buying a cheapo pair from Penneys (rent and the commute are taking all my money!) But if I had a choice it would be one or all of these babies!

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