Friday, May 7, 2010

Finch tinted uncertainty....

They say every girl needs a gay friend and here is mine....
This is Finch aka Finchie baby aka Michael J aka Michael J Finch aka Mark Moran.
As I said he is gay which isn't important except for the fact that he came out to his family recently and we are all so proud of him.
You are not allowed touch his hair (so we do).
He doesn't know if butter is a carb.
He likes to dress up in my clothes and my roommates heels (yet he's not a cross dresser).
He introduced me to Lady Gaga, before she was an international name, declaring she was gonna be huge (I did not believe him, how wrong I was).
He is setting up clothing line is called Phunky Beaver (once open I will give details).
I'm in love with his nautical t-shirt from Topman.

Wednesday our portfolios were due which meant on Wednesday night a right auld knees up was in order... For the festivities I wore this loverly lilac dress (cost a fiver!) and the utterly amazing shoes that my mammy bought for me (gotta love mammies). These shoes were talk of the town, Finch demanded that they be on the blog, friends walked around in them, others took photos of them (he he no joke), many gasped with awe and another friend was dying to see the soles (she has a slight obsession with Irregular Choice shoes). I decided to straighten my hair for a change of look, it is something I rarely do. It felt sooo silky, I loved it!!!!

Dress: Dunnes
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Belt: Penneys


  1. You look gorgeous! The dress is a really lovely colour! It goes without saying that those shoes are fantastic!

  2. Aaaargh! I love both outfits, youse two must always only ever leave the house as a pair...gorgeous!

  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Oh hello polka dot shoes!!!
    The dress is fab, the shoes are fab - You're fab!!! x