Saturday, March 10, 2012


Thought I'd share these STUNNING and super cute rings with you guys! They are from a British shop called Tatty Devine. I found these thanks to the blogger girls over at What Will I Wear Today. You guys know how much I love rings so you can understand my excitement, maybe not agree but at least understand. These rings are large, colourful and made out of perspex (which I think is really quirky). Needless to say I want them all and there are more... a white one, a purple-ish/navy one and a smokey gold one. 

These babies will keep you on trend without breaking the bank, or look like you're trying too hard. And talk about a little bit of spring on your finger. 


  1. Tatty Devine is the best jewellery shop ever! Visit one of their shops in London if you ever get the chance, they're adorable.

  2. tres kitsch x