Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am going to TRY really hard this autumm/winter to include the masculine touches that I love so much into my day to day wardrobe. I have tried before unsuccessfully, it seems the curvy shape is quite hard to make boyish. So I am going to have use what I know work: fitted shirts, woolen coats, loafers (heeled and flat) and skinny/tapered silk trousers. These will keep me looking curvy (not dumpy) and still add a little bit of boyish flare to the mix. A tailored vibe that will enhance whatever feminine pieces I choose to wear with them because obviously I cannot completely give up on my love of dresses, diamonds and dark dark lace. But saying that I am really keen to show another side to myself. Like everyone, I crave something new to play with and that something new just happens to be my style. Like most of us ladies I'm sure!

Luckily I have somethings on my list (so I don't have to go on some mad shopping bender) but I will need to make a conscious decision to make the masculine pieces I desire the top of my winter shopping. Crisp white shirts, silk trousers, patent flat loafers... All these must be gotten. First up, is the hunt for the perfect white shirt. A simple task surely! I can see my bust being a problem here, I'll keep you posted.

What are your plans for your winter wardrobe?

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