Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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My life has become really busy lately. Which is good I know but it gives me little time to blog. This particular post has taken four days to do which is a little ridiculous! The long hours at work make me want to come home to the cushiest couch where I can chill out and get all cosy by the fire and eat warm hearty food. Baked potatoes have become my comfort food of choice after a long day... Takes awhile to bake them just right but it is super worth it! Also since it's getting fairly nippy out I have to start layering up again. I always find this tricky, adding bulk to a curvy frame doesn't always look so flattering but I thought how this lady did works really well. Just need to invest in more jumpers so I have something to tuck into my skirts thats not just a flimsy t-shirt. I am constantly researching ways to style FELT Fashion Journal. This editorial layout is one of the latest of my findings. It's layout is clean yet obscure. Really love it! And finally I need to start relaxing during my weekends. Have had so much on the past couple of weeks that it's so hard to feel refreshed Monday mornings. My idea of a relaxing weekend is reading, going for walks in the woods, baking, watching telling and eating. These things are amazing to me and I plan to do loads of all of them over the coming weeks... I think it's really important now that I'm working to really spend my down time doing things I truly enjoy.What are you guys doing now that the days are getting shorter? 

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