Monday, November 12, 2012

laced up work...

I'm sure you guys are all aware that I am now a fully fledged working girl. Melanie Griffith eat your heart out! One of the great bits about my job (there are many thankfully) is that I have pretty much free range in terms of attire. As long as I look respectable I can wear what I like! And my shoe of choice has turned out to be heeled, laced brogues. In the past month I have bought two completely gorgeous and completely different pairs for work (and for general purposes too of course). One pair were a gift from myself one were a gift for my graduation. What I love is that they are both beautiful but both so different in style. One pair is super girly and quirky (satin laces, yes please!) and the other I find to be quite masculine (well as masculine as a heeled shoe can be).

In this cold weather my boots are getting used quite a lot but my new shoe of choice for work in winter (until it gets really slippy) are brogues. Heeled and laced tight! And no one can see my silly socks...

Red Pair: Poetic Licence
Navy/Grey Pair: Marco Tozzi


  1. That Poetic Licence pair are divine! I've seen their shoes before and wasn't really blown away by them... These have definitely changed my opinion!


    1. Collette they are really comfy as well! And come in a bazillion colours!