Tuesday, February 5, 2013

week #4... week #5...

I have realised that taking a photo a day is fine, it's doable. The issue is getting around to actually posting them up here. You'd think that'd be the easy part but sadly free time is becoming slim and I just want to relax when I have it to spare. You know yourself. So apologies, but here is a two week bumper special 365 post. Two weeks for the price of one and all that!

So yet again I'll give you a very brief run down of the images taken in the past fortnight. We have the dead hydrangeas in my garden, the river Shannon just behind my office, the view from Mount Leinster, our dog Ruby (being disturbed from her sleep), my tartan pencil skirt, an empty brandy glass, my knitted minion (Llewelyn) going a tad mental in the car, the view from the car on the commute home (don't worry I wasn't driving), the desktop image from my mac in work (downloaded from here), the lime kilns just outside Carlow town, the view of the motorway as seen from the passenger-side mirror, my gorgeous red shoes on equally gorgeous tiles, furniture from work (I love that couch) and a silhouette of my boyfriend Cormac while he watches the telly.

Hopefully I'll be able to be more punctual on my 365 project next week!

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