Wednesday, July 11, 2012

day to day...

This is quite similar to my day to day wear if I've got nothing on or nowhere to go... These days consist on working on FELT and other freelance projects, walking the dog, chilling with the boyfriend, cooking food and reading magazines. I have been jumping through loose tees (I seriously have a thing for them lately) skinnies/ski-type pants and clogs/ankle boots. A simple enough combination that I think works out ok. Not the most dazzling of outfit creations but for days when you want to be comfortable then I suggest this. At least I don't un-stylish when I wear it. My hair is up today though, which I hate but I was lazy (shameful). I tend to keep it down as much as I can because I really don't think it suits me up...

I love both these clog/sandals and this tee (though I realise now I look kinda pregnant in it, which is probably not the best look). The sandals are super comfy and are great for those over-cast days that are still sticky but you don't dare put on your favourite summer dress for fear of looking like a fool. And I still love this tee... In the mirror I think it looks quite flattering but I could be wrong. Damn deceitful mirror! It's still cool and chic and comfy... And comfort is my main priority this summer since I can't predict what the weather will decide to do next.

Top: River Island
Jeans: New Look
Sandals: Lotta from Stockholm
Necklace: Topshop

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  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    Ah, love that necklace and those sandals <3